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Reduce risks, protect payment information, and defend your revenue with leading fraud intelligence tools.

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Why GoPayzi – Access advanced payment solutions to convert sales and reduce costs all from one global company.

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GoPayzi offers digital financial services like online payment, Digital wallets, payment gateways, e-commerce solutions, and a variety of products for everyone.

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A payment gateway is a third-party company that connects your e-commerce software to your merchant account. This allows you to collect credit card, and in some cases electronic check, payments in real time from your online store.

When you set up your payment gateway, you will provide information regarding your merchant account to the gateway vendor. The vendor will then configure your gateway account to match up with your merchant account. Whenever GoPayzi needs to process a payment, it connects to your gateway using the information provided. The gateway then talks to your merchant bank, and if the transaction is approved, communicates this back to GoPayzi.

Merchant services work by allowing the consumer with the debit or credit card to process a payment for goods or services supplied by the merchant.  The merchant then receives the funds from the transaction with it been deposited into the merchant account held at the acquiring bank.  Then on an agreed cycle the merchant will receive the funds received.

We discuss and understand a merchant’s needs before providing pricing.  Unlike many other companies we do not provide a “one suit fits all service”.  We at GoPayzi look to understand the business model and what you need before providing the details on price.  This way we can make sure you have what you need and nothing more or less, only then can we give an accurate price and ensure you are only paying for what you need.

Seamless integration.


Integrate GoPayzi with anywhere via our payment APIs, SDK and Plugins.

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